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angle-left ADVISORY: Update on Temporary Measure for Pre-Clearance for Mangoes and Papaya by Japanese Inspectors due to COVID-19

The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF) of Japan has extended for the time being the period of temporary pre-clearance of Japanese inspectors which was supposed to lapse end of May 2020.  

Considering the current situation, the following substitute measures will be implemented for the time being in order to allow the export of Mango and Papaya fruits from the Philippines without pre-clearance by Japanese inspector: 

  1. Before start of operation of the current season, the treatment facilities and packing areas must have been inspected by the Bureau of Plant Industry and have provided results to MAFF for verification. 

  2. Before each treated consignment is exported to Japan, a copy of treatment recording sheet and Phytosanitary Certificate should be sent to MAFF for verification, and 

  3. During the period of implementation of temporary measure, the sampling rate of consignments should increase by two times at import inspection in Japan. 

Current measures will be in place until situation is confirmed to have improved and dispatching of Japanese inspectors to the Philippines has become possible.